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Can Anyone Beat My Doodle Jump Score?

Doodle Jump High Score 86,947!!!

Just wondering if anyone out there can beat my Doodle Jump Score. It is a Game on the iphone or android. Currently my friends can’t beat me and screw the global high scores because they are fake! Cheaters!!!

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How to Unlock All Zombie Maps In Black Ops

The Zombies in the New Call Of Duty Black Ops are not like the World at War Zombies. They will kill you faster and are not easily herded. In the first map you have the box teleports throughout the game into different rooms, the Thunder Gun, lightning spawning fire exploding dogs, and a whole bunch of rooms and things you need to do with your money once you have turned on the electricity. Also there is a teleport device in the Theater that you can go into and amp up any gun with laser shots for $5000.
How to Unlock the Black Ops Zombie Maps?
At the main screen of the game you can look around, you are in a chair. Press L2 and R2 untill you are free. Walk around and you should find a computer(looks like an old TV) and enter the right codes into it. It is the only thing you can do while you are out of the chair besides sit back down.
Five is map 2 and you get to be President Nickson, JFK, Castro and some one else. You are in the secret Presidential hide out. Enter into the computer…
3ARC (then press enter)
3ARC Unlock(then press enter)(note:space in between words)
Zombie Arcade
This map is really an Arcade. It is really fun, but only for so long. Dont forget L1 is to drop your bomb and R1 is to dash. Go to the computer and type
RUSALKA (then press enter)
CD (then press enter)
DOA (then press enter)
Have Fun Killing Zombies!
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Call Of Duty Black Ops

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Call Of Duty Black Ops comes out 11/09/10. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2(biggest console online game played) was a huge hit and now here comes Black Ops.

I loved MWF2 but I am tired of it. I have gotten like 30 nukes, fall cammo on my favorite guns, ran around with the tactical knife. I am done with it now because it has pissed me off so much!!! Campers, Noob Tubes, Cammando Pro being able to knife me from 10 feet(not that I dont do it),One Man Army, Danger Close,,,really? Not to mention Scavenger plus claymores. Just stuff that, well, pisses you off! That’s why all these kids playing it have foul mouths! Anyways…

Even though they are both Call Of Duty games they are made by different people. Modern Warfare was made by Infinity Ward and Black Ops was made by Treyarch. I can not wait and will be waiting in line at 12:00 am to get the game the second it comes out! I have done much research on the game and it looks great! I will write a review after playing it but here are some things you can hope to expect from the game. Online Multiplayer Trailer below.

I will just be talking about the online Multiplayer because I really don’t care about the single player, except ZOMBIES!!!! Will get into that later.

Currency System: In MWF2 it was based on a rewards system where you unlock stuff at certain levels. In Black Ops it is based on a currency System which mean that you earn money and buy what you want. There are so many thing that you can buy so you need to spend it in the right places. Ether you buy a new attachment for your weapon or new face paint for your character is up to you. You can also purchase contracts which are achievements that you can do in each match and get bonus money for, like 3 head shots with SMG in a game. I buy that one and accomplish it I will get more money when I do it.

Customization: You can do all sorts of customization. A big add on in this game is that you are not just a random guy like in previous game but even your perks change your appearance.  For Perk 1 out of 3 you can choose Lightweight, Scavenger, Ghost, Flak Jacket, or Hardline and each will make appear different when you play so when you see an enemy you might be able to change your strategy just by looking at him. This video explains some of the customizations you can do!

Different Weapons: They also have new new weapons besides new guns and snipers. They have a Cross Bow. Yes a Cross Bow. They also have a Ballistic Knife which is like a shooting knife. They have also added the Tomahawk which was like the throwing knife.
Game Modes: They have added some new interesting game modes. One is Wage Match. There are many types of wage matches and what they are basically is that everyone is equiped the same and you wager money in a free-for-all type game play. If you get into the top 3 you will win the wager, get below 3rd and you lose your money. There are wage matches with just pistols, just cross bows, and one where you have to go through 20 weapons.These might be very fun to play. Below is a video of some wage matches.

What I think: I have seen lots of game play and so i have an idea of some things. Knifing is not going to be as easy as it was in MWF2. So you have to be really close, in short range battles I will be working on moving backward and shooting when people try to knife me. The noob toobs are not as powerful but i have seen one that might piss me off, it is like rapid fire on a thumper, not cool! but is seem inaccurate. In free for alls maps are cut in half sometimes so that all levels are playable, nice! I am digging the currency system. They also said the guns at level 1 and throughout the game don’t get better, they get different, so the higher level better players don’t have that much of an advantage against the lower level bad plays. Also help when you prestige. Secondary guns are all pistols so your shot guns are going to be primary weapons if you choose it. Don’t know much about kill streaks but they seem to be the same as MWF2 and have some new one and brought an old on back, The Dogs!11 kills to get that one now though. I am excited to play!

Zombies: WILL There Be Zombies!!! YES there will be but no information on it yet, hope you dont have to beat the game on single player to unlock it!

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