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A Special Thanks to NerdBosses from Google

It is Google’s Adswords 10th anniversary and has made a video with my sites name into it for being one of their advertisers. Made me feel good and want to share it with you.
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The Days Start!!!

Check the Nerdbosses Calendar!!!!!!!!!!! It has daily objectives ever weekday. For example this past Friday was Be a Bermaphobe Day which you had to be scared of germs and constantly stay away from objects that could be contaminated. We have had High Five Day, Smell Everything Day,Be a Hypocrite Day, Crate Chop Things Day ,and just a whole bunch of objective that make the day more enjoyable! Check them out, it is really fun to participate!

Visit the Calendar!

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The New Blog

The new Nerdbosses blog will be hosted and run by me ( the owner and head master chief ). I will be talking about the new site, updates, new games, and just about anything that I want to. Some things might be completely random and out there but it’s whatever. Be sure to view and comment on your opinions.

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